Monday, August 22, 2011

My Summer Calypso Getaway 2011

Oh, the beauty of the sun, water and wind sweeping the whole place with laughter, deafening screams in the air. Summer. This a beautiful season that we can wear our fave bikini and just frolic in the sun and have friends around and enjoy the water cooling our bodies in the heat of the sun.

So, here's my little review about our visit to Calypso Waterpark yesterday. First of all, on a Friday night, I prepared my chocolate cupcakes because I was assigned to bring the desserts. I was multi-tasking that night. Of course, I slept late and had to wake up early the next day. Since Calypso Waterpark is in Ottawa, 75 minutes away from Montreal, I had to set my alarm at 5:30am. Whew!

Good friends picked me up from my place and we then, headed to our little weekend getaway.

About the Park
Calypso is Canada's biggest theme park. It's located in a 100-acre land and it's just massive and the rides are so gigantic that my head is spinning thinking of just going down from those massive rides and slides. I could even feel my knees shaking and my heart pounding of fear. Definitely, this is one place where you either have to face your fear of heights or chickened out from it. This is a place for young and old and visitors alike. "Humungous state-of-the-art slides, a river run, Canada's largest wave pool, thrilling rides—even a whitewater experience! You won't have time to be bored." It's really BIG!!

I definitely was in touch with the kid in me. My friends waited a little bit for the park to open and got our space to put our stuff away and food as well and get ready to enjoy the day. It opened at around 10am.

After lunch, off we go. The first thing we took was this,

We rode the perfect storm with my friends. On a six-person raft, plunge into a dark tunnel before Boomerango shoots you  across to the opposite wall, way up to the sky...It was really sick! I screamed like I never screamed before...It was mad. I was sick in my stomach literally. I was so afraid to take the other rides after...Obviously, there was peer pressure, too. But I was glad I did it but I don't think I will do it again. I thought I was brave enough to face my fear of heights, apparently not! I was this close to turn around and go down and just watch them go down but the pressure was on! And then, we went on with Canyon Rafting. We're all in a group and the water was just crazy and splashing on your face and really just twisted!

Here's the link to the website so you could see it for yourself.

And some links to our little summer getaway with friends.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Liberty, Bonjour Permanent Residency!

Well, where do I begin? As a small child I already believed in dreaming big and pursuing it and making things happen. I remembered growing up and really keeping that vision alive in my soul and spirit. For all those who don't know me, I used to write my thoughts in notebooks, diaries and really having that internal conversation with myself and God. I can always picture myself doing things and going places...Sure, I am a country girl and I am super proud of that. However, there's something in my spirit that tells me that I can do more and be more...I am just happy to be surrounded with loving family and friends who supported me all the way. They're there for me when the going gets tough and when I am almost about to give up of a dream. Yes, I am a big rambler! I am proud of that as well. Laughs.

I can ramble all I want but that's not my goal here. Anyways, I have this dream as a child to travel and work abroad. When my parents heard about it while I was growing up, they're opposed to it and would not even support the idea of me being away from them. So, I said,  well, since I am not of age yet to decide on what to do with my life, then, I will listen and heed their advice. However, it doesn't mean that I will let go of my dream. People dream but not all are given a chance to live their dream and make it come true. I am just amazed that I was given the rare opportunity to dream and live my dream, literally. Thank God!

I moved to Canada in May 2007 and did the caregiving program with an open heart and a little scared about what lies ahead with this major move. I completely started a life from ground zero. It was very humbling and I've learned so much out of life-being away from my loved ones and friends. The best thing I got out of it was tons of experience and learned the art of becoming a mother without giving birth, cook, bake and experiment on food and I fell in love doing it  and skills on how to really take care of an elderly/child with a loving heart. I also learned how to fight for my own rights in a strange land. I find that there are mean people everywhere. If you let them take advantage of you, then, they will chew you and spit you out. Well, I chose my battle now that I am a mature person and still learning everyday.I must say I struggle everyday to fight against loneliness and being homesick. I thank God for my socializing skills and being a people person that I am it wasn't really a problem to blend in to a new environment.

So, technically today, I became a Permanent Resident of Canada! When, the agent from the Federal government said, "Welcome to Canada and congratulations!" I cried some happy tears! I made it! Dreams do come true. Thank God that I didn't gave up on this dream and quit. I don't stop dreaming and still keeping in touch with that child in me. I am so happy and I hope that one day I would be reunited with my family and friends back home and or they could come and visit me here as well.

Migrating to a foreign country is not that easy but it's my positive attitude that keeps me going. I am also thankful to my supportive friends who became an anchor and family to me whilst I am here--Berge, thank you!!! xoxo
 I am also grateful to my aunt who was an instrument of making my dream come true. Bless you.

So, to all who can relate to my story, keep on dreaming and follow the desires of your heart.

This is Hazel Fernandez and this is my story. Cheers to all who keeps dreaming and making things happen! I hope my story inspires and I will continue to dream big! Way to go!