Monday, July 11, 2011

Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Folks, it's been awhile since I posted something here. I have been so busy lately and I felt like I need to go ahead and focus on updating my blog since it's my passion and my way of releasing my tensions of my daily grind of life. Baking is such an amazing thing that I've ever learned ever since I decided to move to Canada for good.

Some of the closest people I know can't believe their eyes that I can actually cook and bake now. Anyways, I was able to check this bakery out when I went to New York last summer. People are waiting in line just to get a taste of these infamous cupcakes featured in the movie, "Sex and the City". When my boyfriend tasted it for the first time, being the critic that he is. He said, "This is the best cupcake I've ever tasted." Nice! It was all I wanted to hear! Music to my ears. So, enjoy and have fun in your kitchen.


  1. tsarap!i hope u can make one for us, pag uli nmo Godwilling!

  2. Thank you, sis! I will in His time!

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