Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something Positive About Canada's Weather

Wow! I have nothing much to say about Canada except for one. It's damn cold! Well, yes. It is. I come from a tropical country and moved to an extreme environment weather wise is indeed challenging! Geez, I still have a lot of years to ponder whether I want to stay here until I get old! Alrigh, enough I won't think negative! I am still young. *wink* Shiesh!

As we speak, we are currently having a whopping -17. Relax! Yesterday was more or less around -26 plus the wind chill! It's even reported that a few of Canadian residents are still cold in their dwellings. However, it is said that our winter here is getting milder. Take a moment to read and click on the link below. Something to be positive about. It doesn't mean that I will stay home for the next two months of winter! Ha!

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