Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dangerous Heels, Literally!

My boyfriend told me that I look great especially when I wear heels! Obviously, it helps a lot to make me look tall and deceive many. First of all, I love to wear them during special occasions and also I feel like I am a model on the the runway. Hahaha! Well, it's great and a fashion statement but boy, does it hurt after. Geez! It's a huge undertaking, eh?

Now, look at this few pieces that are really dangerous and really LITERALLY! Decide for yourselves.

In Australia, a woman was recently awarded around $60,000 after she tripped and fell down the stairs of a hotel she was staying at. Her nude stilettos actually became key evidence in her court case, and stood trial as a considerable cause of the fall. In the end, the judge decided that women were entitled to their heels even if it leaves them more susceptible to accidents. (Photo by: Jimmy Choo boot shoes via Kristopher Dukes)


Problem: The platform wedge. "Very very high platform wedges, which are super hot right now, are prime suspects," says Meghan Cleary, resident shoe expert at shoeareyou.com. The most common injury they cause are what's known as a "ballet break". "It's when you fall off a wedge onto the side of your foot causing a stress fracture," says Cleary. "It happens because there is zero flexibility in the large platform, so your foot is locked into falling the way the platform heel dictates." Photo by: Alia Rafia platform wedge sandals via net-a-porter 

Solution: The mini wedge. For safe-walking get a sandal with more support at the ankle so you're less likely to suffer twists and turns. Bringing down the height will help minimize the distance you fall. Photo by: Alexander Wang braided mini-wedges via Saks.com

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  1. These look lovely Hazel! Now I have been looking at saba shoes online all day trying to find something similar to the first pic.