Thursday, June 23, 2011

Five-Year Old Make Up Guru

Let's start with a positive note here. She is the new sensation for make up guru's out there you see on It's gone viral right now. She is adorable, cute, spot on and really amazing to look at. I have no problem watching this video over and over again. However, she's a five year old little angel. I don't know if she could get away with this. There's a lot of buzz out there right now if she should stay as a small girl playing dolls and running around park and not teaching people on how to put make up just yet. As much as she is a little innocent angel, it's a fine line to walk. So, for the mom's out there, what's your two cents on this video? Would you be okay with the idea that your little girl should put make up on as early as this age? If I were her mother, I would let her play around with my stuff and still know where to draw the line.

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