Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Food and Company

My tortilla, cheese, veggies, sour cream and jalapeno...
Can you imagine, ignoring something and really not paying attention to it for a good three years and knowing that I thought we've really tried almost all the restaurants in the area...It's just under our nose.Then, one day I told my partner in crime that I will treat him for dinner as a thank you for his latest surprise gift getaway for Christmas in Vegas. Sweet, eh?

So, we were driving and checking restaurants and asking each other on what we feel like eating, then, he goes why don't we try Jack Astors? And deep down, I said, the name doesn't sound so appealing..."Warning: Don't judge the book by it's cover." Well, long story short, we went in and placed our order....It took a little while but it's all worth the wait.
I love this Chicken Fajitas! It is really tasty.

The best bruschetta I've EVER tasted. To die for literally.

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