Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Philip Stein Watches Make You Sleep

Well, I need one! Lately, I really have a problem with sleeping...I do find myself waking up in the middle of the night and find it hard to go back to bed...I don't know how many sheeps I've counted just to bring me to a few hours of sleep. I know that there are natural ways to get a better sleep. This one is frivolous, yeah, I heard someone whispering right through my ears, right now! Wink!

I was browsing the net and found this pertinent information and thought I would like to share it with all you who have the same problem. I know it's not that affordable for everyone but if ever you have a few cash extra, then, this one is a good investment. Philip Stein watches has this natural frequency technology that gives people a better sleep.

It's definitely on my wish list!



  1. If these watches do help us sleep, I am all for it as it could help people with insomnia. Question, do we wear them while we sleep as well?

  2. Hi there, sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you have to wear them while sleeping.