Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Observance of the Lenten Season

I was watching OPRAH today and this video just confirmed what I have been feeling and searching for answers all these years. Here's some important questions we should ask ourselves: What's wrong with our world and what can what can we do about it? It's true we are compelled to acquire things and more things in our lives and still feels empty. I feel guilty about it at times and I am feeling disconnected with my real purpose and what's the reason why I am here on earth. I'm sure you all have heard about the world ending and stuff like that on television and the internet but instead of creating fear within us, why can't we cooperate and do our fair share to help or to be passionate of our calling, whatever it is. I believe that each of us has a reason why are here on earth and all we have to do is to search deep within ourselves and know that we are given a chance to fulfill that purpose. It's time to show our light to the world and make a difference in our own unique and special way. Feel free to post your comments and ideas. Remember, we are all brothers and sisters. Let there be love shared among us.

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