Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding, What?

Alright, everyone is talking about this Royal Wedding for weeks now. For me, it seems to be decades already. Both British and American media and the rest of the world are waiting and anticipating for this to unfold. Obviously, who doesn't want to live like a real princess, eh? Even Kate Middleton who's a commoner like me didn't expect this at all. I guess the world can't wait to see the whole fairytale wedding. Life is really full of surprises. I would also wait for years just to make sure that I get that crown and capture the heart of the future king. Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Kate of Wales! I wish Princess Diana is around to witness these important event of her son!

Here's the link to see the Official Royal Wedding updates:

No matter how people and girls fantasize about this matrimony a lot are still cynical and some citizens are said to fly somewhere to have a good vacation. However, not all brits are happy about this wedding of the decade.  Well, we can't please everybody that's for sure. However, let's just give this two people to live a life worthy of love. Oh, the hopeless romantic in me...What do you think? These couple looks like they will live happily ever after, right?

Look at the irony of life. While others are buying for some wedding memorabilia. Here are some anti-wedding memorabilia.

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  1. The royal wedding has everyone going nuts over all kinds of crazy memorabilia! These are just the tip of the iceberg.