Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Birth of Hazelshappyhub

First and foremost, I thank God for making this dream a reality. For you babe, I want the whole world to know that there's really someone who's a real blessing like you and for helping me to become a better person that I am right now. Thank you for all the inspiration, support, love and care...I am so honored and humbled. God bless you more!

Yes, one would say it's just another boring blog!!! Heck no! (:

I welcome you all to my blog!!! Please read on.

I am just pinching myself for all the blessings that I am enjoying right now. One is the birth of my new blog named hazelshappyhub. One would ask, what's with it?

Well, ever since online blogging and the birth of the digital world came to existence, I must say, I was a blogger already with my diaries full of events and things that would remind me of anything about my mundane life.

In a nutshell, this is just an extension of me. My family and friends say, that I am a Sanguine, life of the party, a positive person, an encourager! I love to encourage people especially when they are at their lowest point..I just feel the need to be there and help in my own little way. So, here's to another dream come true!

This blog aims to encourage, share happiness, recipes that I so love and adore, fashion-ish, movies (my fave picks of course), my personal journey in this life, my travels and other interesting discovery here and there.

And I am asking you to support my blog by posting your comments, and follow me as we journey together in this thing called, LIFE.

God bless us all!


  1. sure thing girl...maybe i could share a recipe one day coz that's what we have something in common..the love of baking and maybe some beauty tips too...hahaha...again CONGRATULATIONS!!!mwahhhhhhh

  2. hi girl, congratulations! welcome to blogging world. its neat! looking forward for more exciting, happy and fun stories.keep blogging.

  3. CONGRATIOLATIONS ATE!!! job well done.. keep up the good work... looking forward for more recipe's etc... like it :) god bless!!

  4. hahaha!! na wrong spelling pa ko... sorry :)

  5. am following u na chap using my twitter account. weeeehhh... i love ur blogsite. :) keep blogging!