Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's a Feel Good Event-SHOPPING!!

Well, the rain was pouring and it feels like there's a big storm somewhere. But it didn't dampen our mood to go outside and do something productive and update our wardrobe.

 To all women out there,  majority of us wants to be pampered, spoiled and give ourselves a little bit of reward for all our hard work. And sometimes, shopping really do help if we are in a very low moment of our lives, and we can also go out there and pick something good even if we are not depressed..And whatever that challenge, this is one sure way of lifting yourself up, just make sure you know how to pay that VISA at the end of the month! LOL. As a woman, I must admit that going shopping is just a wonderful feeling be it alone or with your friends. And the feeling is a lot better if someone is so generous and thoughtful enough to buy and give you stuff! I am blessed and I am grateful.

Of course, I want to own a pair of Christian Louboutin. A Christmas wish... (:
So here's my fave pick of the day. The rest, I will keep it to myself. (;

These shoes will make any look you wear totally sexy. Peeptoe platform sandal. Cut-out sides and adjustable ankle strap. Patent base and heel.
  • 4" heel
  • 1" platform
  • Material: Faux leather

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