Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Wanna Share my Happiness!

Before the internet and digital world came in...I did my blogging already via my diary and journal and the whole nine yards.

As time goes by, I have to keep up with times. Long before the book entitled, "The Secret", was published and all it's teachings re: VISUALIZATION, I am doing that already...Gosh, I think I started that since I was 5 years old..LOL.

Right now, I've been blogging for a good 2-3 weeks about my life here in Canada, share something positive, anything that's funny, encouraging, interesting, keeping up with fashion, movies, make-up, even a simple random good act towards others and many others. The only thing is that, a very special person close to my heart said, keep doing it but don't share it to anyone yet because we want to be ready and we need to make things good before launching it. I've never been so excited and happy yet I must admit that I am kinda bothered for not sharing it to my family and friends. It's like I am keeping a BIG secret to them. But in a good way, though.

A very special person, close to my heart, is 150% supportive and backing me up with this dream..He emailed me the header graphic of this blog and I so LOooooooVEeeeeeeeeeT!!!! I am SPEECHLESS and GLAD and I can't believe that one of my dream coming true... I dreamt of having my own WEBSITE where I can be a BLESSING to someone's life. And here I am starting to see the fruit of my labor...

Thank you, God and Berge!!!!

xxx ooo,

HHH (:

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