Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Forever Young"

Hi everyone,

 What do you think if we try this one to combat aging and will put a glow on our face! Please post your comments if you happen to try this thing! As for me, I have to try this as well...(;

 I wanna grow old gracefully since first of all I don't have the money to pay for these expensive plastic surgeries, and second of all, I'm afraid of the knife! Therefore, I have no choice but to stay healthy and young doing the natural way.


  1. You don't need knives/surgery to stay young.I want to share with you my secret to antiaging,just follow the link and take time to read then share me your thoughts on this.It really works for me...

    -Te NOreen

  2. Hello ate Noreen is that you? I am sharing this for everyone especially here in North America. People seem to follow the Hollywood craze! I will check that one, bientot! Merci!