Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Craving for Some Oysters!

Coming from a country where we all love seafood, then it's just but normal that I would miss all of the sea fruits.

 Anyways, there's one time when I went to a grocery store and I happened to pass by a kiosk where a lady has been offering customers the Beausoleil Oysters. And I said, OMG! I need to go there and taste it myself..And voila, I ain't mistaken! I loved the very taste of it, the saltiness, the smell of the sea...Gosh, it reminds me of my life back home..

 So, today, I had this craving and I bought a few and a knife to open all these oysters. I went home and opened them one by one and got hurt in the process. I really didn't know that it's that hard to open these little monsters. (:  Of course, my patience paid off...I made a vinaigrette...

 Here's how:

   1 doz. of Beausoleil Oysters (whatever is available in the market is cool)
   white wine vinegar
   a hint of tabasco (for me, I put more since I like it spicy)
   chopped shallots
   lemon juice
   salt and pepper (optional)


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