Friday, September 3, 2010

CHANGE is a Great Thing and I am Grateful...

So, today is a beautiful day to start with knowing that I am not going to start early at work.

My boss told me that I can start my work day at 12noon everyday and it's a music to my ears...(;

I am indeed GRATEFUL and HAPPY for this CHANGE  because I just hate waking up in the mornings!

How easy it is for us to complain about anything that irritates us may it be the traffic, annoying people around us, boring jobs, winter, frustrating life, injustice, poverty around the world, etc...But little did we know that the more we exude negative energies towards the universe the more it would add up to the already chaotic mess that mother earth is experiencing, sounds weird but true...So, if we find ourselves in situations like the above-mentioned, may we have the courage to become grateful for the life that is being bestowed amongst us, the air that we breath, the food on our table, the roof above our heads, the great environment that we are in, the wonderful and meaning relationships that we have with our family and friends, the blessings, big and small that we are getting and enjoying, how about think of the good and positive things that would help impact our world...

One thing I love is the fact that I am being blessed beyond measure and hope that my life would become a blessing to anyone that I would bump into the next minute to come, the weeks to come, the months and years to come...And touch people's lives that words can't describe. That would be really awesome!!!

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