Wednesday, September 8, 2010

God's Divine Connections

Last night, I shared my story re: my documents from the Immigration and that it would cause a little delay of my application for my open permit. Anyway, a friend of a friend told me that someone can help fix my problem. So, I didn't waste my time and call that friend and she told me that I can go ahead and call that "someone" right away. When I told him my case, he said, let's rendezvous tomorrow at around 5:30pm-6:00pm to discuss matters. Of course, I was running late and as I was on my way, I took my cellphone so I will call him and tell him that I would be late for a little bit because I finished work a little late. However, before I could dial his number, he's already calling me to confirm our meeting. So, I said, I will call him as soon as I will be around the area. To make the long story short, I was kinda lost and it's getting late already. What can I do? My things are heavy, too. So, I said, this will be a quick meeting and I will go home and eat my dinner. But something divine happened. He told me not to panick and not to worry and just relaxed. He was even helpful by double-checking things and really guiding me through the paperworks. As soon as everything is ready to go, he shared something that's really amazing!

"He told me that I have to follow the path that I want for my life and pursue my dream!" "Hazel, listen to me, you are an exceptional person, you are intelligent, you have the most interesting personality that I've ever met, you have the love of life and you are beyond blessed." I can go on and on, actually, I forgot some of it...All I knew was he seemed to know me before he met me. "I said, how come you are telling me all these things?" Do you know how to read aura or something? I can't help but be amazed and he was very engaging and so positive. It's almost too good to be true, I find. But at the back of my mind, I said, "God, thank you for making a way for me and for all these blessings I am hearing right now. Honestly, I am so touched! Need I say more? God has His own divine connections available to us who needs His help! Of course, I was available and ready to accept the help. He knows our desires and needs and He will supply all of it.

So, after everything I said, I gotta get going as I was about to reach my purse to pay him for his service and help, he said. I am blessed to have met you. Don't bother to pay me. In shocked I said, are you kidding me? I wasted your time and you won't accept it? He said, NO. It's a PLEASURE. (:
I'm very grateful and happy that things went smoothly and successfully! He even gave me a lift on my way home! Praise be to God!

 Right now, I feel so blessed and still in awe of what happened. So, I will just wait patiently for I know I attract what I believe I deserve!

 I can now sleep tight like a baby. I am counting my blessings!

 It pays to stay positive during the stormy night!

 I'm so AMAZED and I give you praise!

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