Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Digital Shadows

  As I was reading the newspaper and keeping myself abreast of what's going on in the world and my environment, this section hit me and really caught my attention. Digital Shadows???? What the hell is this?

  It's a new thing to my ears. So, here you go....

   "In our daily life, there are dozens of ways you transmit personal information-without ever logging on to a computer-from using your credit card, to walking down a city street. Taken together, that information is called a person's digital shadow."

   "It's the sort of trail that you may not be aware of, because you don't have physical contact with the machine that maybe collecting the information," said Colin McKay, the director of research, education and outreach with the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

    Geez, I really find this very creepy. I guess, this is one downside of living in a highly advanced technology..All our personal information is being shared and transmitted online without our knowledge. No wonder the number of stalking, identity theft and many more is rampant nowadays.

    So, check this one out and be aware of your own digital shadows. Below is the link where you can apparently calculate your daily digital shadows.


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