Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life's Little Twist

When I got home from the West Island, my instinct tells me to check the mailbox and hope to see a brown envelope from the Immigration re: my application for my Permanent Residency. I do that EVERYDAY.

So, TODAY isn't an exception. Sure, I checked my mailbox and lo and behold! I saw ONE with my name on it! I say a little prayer, kissed it and with a big smile on my face I quickly tore it open...To my SURPRISE and a lil DISMAY. It was not the OPEN PERMIT that I was waiting for....;(
It was a letter asking me to UPDATE some information regarding my application for permanent residency. So, I calmed down myself and continued to stay POSITIVE. I told myself that this is just one little twist, the war is not over yet.

I believe I will win this battle!

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