Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Being Productive...

I just want to give myself a pat in the back for being able to tackle so many things in a given period of time.  It takes a heck of strength, love and passion to multi-task! Yet stay positive and beautiful.

I woke up early just because I have to go to work. Whew! It takes more than strength and positivity to be able to pull everything in a given situation. As for me, working as a caregiver is a MAJOR, MAJOR experience that I carry in this lifetime. I am able to take care of a LIFE, and that is a GIFT. I am happy to be able to take care of a little angel and be a "parent" to her..It definitely makes me EXCITED to have one of my OWN. In HIS time.

It's her first day at school and I was kinda excited for her and prepared everything that she needs..Talking about a stage mother, big time. (:

Anyways, today, my itinerary includes running errands, grocery shopping, playing a "CHEF AT HOME", is cool. I would never have imagined what it feels like to be really good in the cooking department. I can now say, that I LOVE BAKING. Long, long ago, I dread to be in the kitchen with my mom. I get a lotta insults from her. I love you, mom! You have a point and now I know...(:

Right now, I can say that I am happy for all these things made me a good cook. If you do things with love and passion from the heart, then, everything is just going smoothly according to plan. I am proud that I am able to follow recipes that I love and really enjoying the results of it. I am happy because it brings me to enjoy food and let others appreciate what I've done.

I am just amazed to be a blessing to others! Blessed to bless!

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