Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Hazel

Dear God,

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the blessings and for surprising me today!

Let me recall the events that took place today...

I woke up for yet another normal day of work. Getting ready and grab a cup of my cappucino coffee and get on with my day. I must say, it was just a mundane day for me...Although, in my heart, I am full of great positivism, happiness and visualizing about the things that I need and I want. Literally, I am thinking and praying and waiting for some desires of my heart. Okay, okay, I sound to vague in here...(:

So, let me share something about one of my struggles, let's say CHALLENGES in my life. Months ago, I approached my employer for a raise because I wanted to UPGRADE a life here in Canada.
However, at that point in time, the answer was not to my liking but I hold up and it never stopped me from wanting about great things to happen in my life. No matter how we seem to view life that it's difficult or if we complain, blah, blah, blah! At some point, things has to CHANGE. It just has to if we really wanted something to HAPPEN! And as for me, I WANTED SOMETHING and I BELIEVE I DESERVED that something. (:

I prayed to God and I know that if He answers our petitions right away, then, we don't know how to APPRECIATE things and our CHARACTER wouldn't be strengthened at all. But He never DISAPPOINTS us. Everything happens for a reason.

Still unclear? Well, I was about to finish work and my boss suddenly told me---SHE WILL GIVE ME A RAISE! And she's offering me a condo she owned RENT-FREE! OMG! I have to keep everything in my heart and listened to the GOOD NEWS! My heart is definitely REJOICING! At last, my prayers are ANSWERED! I am soooooo HAPPY and I have no words to DESCRIBE IT! I worked hard, I fought for what I believed I deserve, I suppose.

Then, I went home and received a mail that says, I got a replacement of my KINDLE that was defective...It was all BRAND NEW and I can't believe it. TODAY, I can say that blessings were just too much to handle and up to this time of my writing things are not sinking in just yet...Veddy, veddy, SURREAL! Honestly! (;

I am very happy today! I feel blessed and loved!!!

I believe that in the saying that goes, "You attract what you believe you deserve."

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