Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy Days are Here

Well, what can I say, living in Canada is a real blessing! However, there's one thing that I am actually getting tired of hearing not that I don't appreciate it or understand but at some point you get exhausted when all you hear from friends and strangers alike is TALK about the weather...You know what I mean? (:
Today, is another example. Autumn is here and I love this season! The leaves changes it hues and colors...It's quite a scenery. But today, not to dampen your spirits, it's actually raining quite a bit to the point of making you not wake up from your bed and just stay there for the rest of the day...And people's complaints and comments like,"Oh, gee the weather is messy and crazy today!" "I hate the rain", and other stupid comments that you can think about. It's getting boring you know...But as for me, I try to enjoy the coolness it brings, the cleaning agent as it is and just washing the dirt away from the face of the earth...Sometimes, there's part of rain that I like about...CRAVE for comfort food...hahaha! And with this kind of weather? Count on me, I love to eat like really enjoy the food on the table.
So, let's enjoy the rain while it lasts...When it was hot and humid during the summer we were dying for it and now that it's here to join us, we complain! Oh, human beings!!!

"I am getting so tired of our winter and our rain and the gloominess of our days. I wanted to find an image that described my day today and this is it. Painted by L C Neill of North Carolina, United States. This little quote on her blog turns my negativity into positivity:
“Fish dance, swallows sing.
Thirsty roots soak up relief;
the drought is over.”

I need sunshine."

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